Keelboat Event WSV Hoorn Dyas, Pion, Etchells

zaterdag 5 oktober 2024

zondag 6 oktober 2024
10:00 tot 17:00 uur
donderdag 1 augustus 2024 t/m zaterdag 5 oktober 2024
Inschrijving te annuleren tot
zondag 1 september 2024
Regatta at Hop, Camper-reservation call +31 22 92 13 540

Payment: Regatta  90,00 euro per boat Dinner 24,50 euro per person

The committee will do the race notices at the Whatsapp Group "WSV Hoorn Keelboatevent" register

For the late arrivals, this code {   } will give 24h/7 access to roadblock at ABC 1 and the gate to the premises of WSV Hoorn.

Crane-Handling, the port cost for Friday and Saturday nigth, and full trailers storage are included in the registration costs, but only on the WSV Hoorn premises. All other costs are for the participants.

Saturday night De Loods Diner Program; 17hrs start drinks, 18hrs start diner.